BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, JULY 14TH 2014 (CUOPM) – Chairperson of the Sugar Industry Development Foundation (SIDF), Dr. Hermia Morton-Anthony said the foundation has played a significant role in the creation of Kittitian Hill and excited about the economic and social benefits to be derived from having the world class resort in Federation.

Speaking at the soft opening of the multi-million resort, Mrs. Morton-Anthony saluted Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, “whose astute, visionary leadership and social conscience has led to the transformation of landscape of this area formerly known as the sugar belt.”

She said the primary purpose of SIDF is to assist the Government in its efforts to diversify the economy and maintain economic stability, to support, finance or undertake the development of new and existing industries, projects or enterprises.

She added that as an agent to assist the Government in the transition to a diversified, service-oriented economy, SIDF aligns its financing priorities with the national development strategy and with tourism as the main catalyst of economic growth, SIDF directs much of its resources to expanding that key sector.

“In 2010, SIDF became part financier of the Kittitian Hill development. The Board of Councillors embraced the vision with its novelty and uniqueness. We believed, as the Founder did, that the concept could and would be realized into a world class tourist destination that would place the Federation in an even more competitive position. Firm in that belief, SIDF invested US$16 in the real estate project. The injection of capital was timely and necessary as the global economic recession was still having its impact on the St. Kitts and Nevis economy,” said the SIDF chairperson.

She pointed out that the intervention of SIDF helped ensure that the build-out of the project resulted in the continued employment of the local workforce.

“This is just one example of the impact of SIDF on the economy and the lives of our citizens. Pleased with the manner in which the concept has evolved and grown, SIDF is proud to be associated with Kittitian Hill. We are excited about the economic and social benefits to be derived from having this world class resort in our country. We are elated that this tourism development in the north would erase the perception of ‘back a de land’ and bring equal economic opportunities and activities in the south and the north of the island,” said Mrs. Morton-Anthony.

She pledged that the SIDF will continue to play its part as a transformative agent, investing in projects and implementing programmes that support the national developmental strategy.

Mrs. Morton-Anthony described Kittitian Hill as an environmentally-friendly, luxury resort development with a unique competitive edge, highlighting that the concept of Kittitian Hill, based on a philosophy of sustainability led the Founder, Val Kempadoo, down a path less travelled.

“I believe that we are all proud of and impressed by the destination that is emerging along this path,” said the SIDF chairperson, who commended the Chairman and Board of the Whitegate Development Corporation for their foresight as they witnessed the early developmental stages.

“From concept to design drawings, the directors of Whitegate Development Corporation, saw the development through its various permutations and changes in nomenclature from Crystal Heights to Kittitian Hill and then granted approval for the development to go forward,” said Mrs. Morton-Anthony as she saluted all who have worked to create this environmentally friendly tourist destination.

She singled out the local contractors and stone workers.

“They can proudly state that they have a claim in Kittitian Hill. It has given them an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills while providing them with training, experiences and income which they most likely would never have obtained. A very special appreciation to the community that has embraced the development and endorsed by the late Mr. Wilfred Martin, then a centenarian. I applaud Patrick Lyotard Voight, the well-connected, third generation owner of Nestle Corporation, for coming on board at this critical time. I commend Mr. Val Kempadoo for his vision, courage and unwavering determination to forge ahead. We now await the completion and full opening of Kittitian Hill,” said Mrs. Morton-Anthony.

This article was posted in its entirety as published by Nevis Pages.