Frigate Bay Electricity Infrastructure Upgrade

LocationFrigate Bay, St. Kitts
Amount Funded EC $10,158,630.00

For small countries which depend totally on electricty for powering business and households, a reliable electricity infrastructure is critical. With expansions in hotel and residential developments in Frigate Bay, the capacity to generate electricity had to be significantly upgraded due to frequent power outages and disruptions

In keeping with its mandate to provide an enabling environment for domestic comfort and for business development, the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) assisted the government with a loan of EC$10,158,630.00 to upgrade the electricity infrastructure which included replacing old underground cables that had become brittle and ineffective after thirty years of wear and tear.

The investment in power generation in Frigate Bay was critical as the area may be considered the hub of the tourism and hospitality industry in St. Kitts. Development is taking place there at a rapid pace with the construction of hotels, restaurants, guesthouses and businesses, as well as new homes, making it inevitable that more technologically sophisticated, stronger and reliable cables be installed to keep up with the increasing demand for electricity services.

It is imperative that a reliable, regular and efficient power supply be provided to support the development taking in Frigate Bay as it is a commercial and affluent residential community, with much tourist activity, including leisure and entertainment outlets.

Economic and Social Benefits

  • Stimulates investment activity in the Frigate Bay area
  • Enhances tourism and related activities in the Frigate Bay area
  • Creates employment
  • Generates income
  • Improves living conditions