Electricity Generation

LocationBasseterre, St. Kitts
Amount Funded EC $11,645,282.40

The provision of reliable and efficient electricity is an important part of the government’s policies and plans for the socio-economic development of the Federation.

The SIDF’s contribution of a loan of EC$11,645,282.40 for the purchase of two 3.9 megawatts generators to assist in improving its power generation capacity is in keeping with the government’s policy of providing a stable and reliable supply of energy.

The importance of power generation should be underscored because in a modern economy almost everything is powered by electricity. SIDF believes that a reliable and efficient source of energy leads to more production, which in turn spurs economic growth by attracting inward nvestment, resulting in an improved quality of life in general.

Economic and Social Benefits

  • Increases opportunities for business development
  • Spurs economic growth
  • Improves quality of life