Community Sports Development

LocationNewton Ground, Dieppe Bay and Parson’s Village, St. Kitts
Status Active
Date ApprovedJuly 1, 2013
Amount Funded EC $438,852.94

The development of sports is an important vehicle in bringing communities together socially and physically. Sports promotion, which provides an avenue for human development, must be underscored because of its contribution to overall economic development. Sports contributes to health and fitness and helps to instill discipline and morals in people.

Recognizing the importance of sports, the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) has, as one of its thrusts, the development of human capital and communities through sports. To that end, the SIDF has contributed funding amounting to EC$438,853 for the construction of several sporting facilities in Newton Ground, Dieppe Bay and Parsons Village. Those communities are situated in what was formely “the sugar belt” of St. Kitts. Many people in those communities worked in the sugar industry, and as a result, were affected when the sugar industry closed its doors in 2005.

To date a total of four courts have been constructed - a netball court in Dieppe Bay and Newton Ground; and a basketball court and netball court in Parsons. The courts were designed to provide an outlet for residents in those communities and alternative practice venues for visiting teams.

Ms. Floreen Bradshaw from Parsons Ground Village, a former National Netball Player who has a young and vibrant netball team, said “having the netball court in Parson’s is benefitting us very much, because before we had the courts we had to go to other communities to practice netball”. According to her, netball had helped in terms of her development and because of that she is able to share the skills learned with the young girls in her community.

A young man involved in basketball in Parsons Village since the court was built said “we get to socialize with each other more. Some of us, who never talked to each other, are now playing and talking with each other”.

Economic and Social Benefits

  • Builds human capital through sports
  • Develops capacity for personal management
  • Nurtures social stability
  • Engenders team work, co-operation, leadership and community building