Capisterre Farm Project

Located in St. Paul’s - the heart of the former sugar belt - on the eastern side of St. Kitts, is Capisterre Farm, a 113 acre Farm established to crea...

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Agriculture Resource Management Project

The Agriculture Resource Management (ARM) Project was implemented in 2008 following the closure of the sugar industry to foster agricultural developme...

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Hydroponics Community Farms

The program currently has employed thirty-five (35) “at risk” young men in a project which teaches growing crops vertically in stacked pots of coconut...

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Agricultural Subsidized Loans Program

A total of 84 farmers have benefited from an Agricultural Subsidized Loan Program, established in 2008, to encourage entrepreneurship and foster growt...

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Floricultural Project

The SIDF funded a floriculture project at La Valley, St. Pauls. Floriculture, or flower farming, involves the cultivation of flowering and ornamental ...

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Agricultural Training Employment Project

In October 2007 the Agricultural Training Employment Project (ATEP) was created to enhance the personal development of unemployed former workers of th...

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